My Award Winning Thriller Short Film- Yathra

Dear friends,

I have veered away from photography from the start of this year and got into movie making, of all things! What started off as just an experiment has steadily set into motion an unexpected and thrilling ride for me. My third short film, ‘Yathra’, has won the best short film in the BMZ International film festival in Bangalore, India.

Please view the film and I would love to know your thoughts on this. Happy watching!


Detective Novelist Sharath-2: Knock! Knock!

This is the second episode of Detective Novelist Sharath. Please view and I would love if you would let me know your thoughts, feedbacks and critiques!

Happy watching! 🙂

Detective Novelist Sharath- My Short Film

Hello friends!

Thank you for supporting my photography thus far. This time around, I am posting something different- My first short film called ‘Detective Novelist Sharath’

This is a completely experimental one-man short film. Not only is there just one actor, there is also only one person behind the camera too. And they both are the same person! 🙂 I created this from story up till the final poster design all by myself. It is a very short film, a little over 6 minutes long. I hope you will like it. I would surely love to hear what you think of it- good, bad or anything in between is welcome! Hope you have fun watching it. And, for best viewing experience, please watch with headphones on.

Happy watching!