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The Lone Drop

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The story of ‘Why Should I Run’ runs parallel to that of ‘Fade Away’ in many aspects as it was written around the same time and on the same theme. But, where they differ is evident from the title of the songs- one wants to ‘Fade Away’ from the situation, and the other asks ‘Why Should I Run’. There is a sense of defiance, a bit of anger in there right away.

On the musical front, Kedar ‘Viku’ Nayak gave the freedom to let the music fly by deciding on a full on sonic arrangement for the song. This was expertly put into motion by Ruthvi Urs Aravind transforming the acoustic scratch into a full blooded song that it has become now. Besides mixing, Ruthvi programmed the drums and played the bass without losing the original feel of the song. Arvind Dayalan completed the mix with his piano. Himanshu Gautam’s electric guitar lifted the song to another level.

‘I wonder if it’s all a dream, Something that I’m made to believe’ says the song. If you really dig this rabbit hole, you’d realize, the situation echoes with Wachowski Brother’s 1999 cult movie ‘The Matrix’. As Morpheus puts it in the movie, ‘It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth’.

Beyond all the wonderment and the conspiracy theories, there is one irrefutable truth though, an ironic touch as the lyric says:

‘Each breath we take,
Kills us that much.’

How true. And if that rings infinitely sad, then it is that much beautiful as well. Because, that is all we have- Each breath, one life.

Now, are you going to live someone else’s reality with this one life or create your own?

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‘Fade Away’ is my original composition. Glad to share with you this little hum of thoughts that has been playing in my mind for a while. Hope you’d like what you see/hear.

It’s a nice morning

To fade away

There are winds calling

To sail away

Am I through with the blues

Changing hues of the truth

Can I fade away

Then my words stumble

And they fall

And I see the writing

On the wall

As we go down life’s road

Searching for the pot of gold

Can I stay away

Plenty of voices fill the air

The louder you scream, the more you’re heard

I wanna blank out all the noise

Ride away from all the choice

Where I just can be me

It’s a nice morning

To fade away

There are winds calling

To sail away

Am I through with the blues

Changing hues of the truth

Can I fade away

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